Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Workout for Your Brains

I am glad that I have read this article that talks about brain workouts from the Bottom Line Health today because I feel like as I am getting older it seems that my brain is not functioning so well compared when I was younger especially when I need to memorize something for my class assignment or when I have an exam. Here are the lists of the best brain workout:

  • Regular Exercise or Aerobic Exercise- it helps to increase blood flow to your brain that helps to improve oxygen delivery for your brain and cell function.
  • Turning off the TV- based on a study people with Alzheimer's disease tend to watch more TV and they were less active both physically and mentally when they reach their middle age years.
  • Not using your GPS- in these way you are helping your brain to practice remembering things like the route you are going and it will help boost your brain's problem solving skills as well as spatial awareness skills.
  • Do math in your head- I usually do these skills when I do grocery shopping and actually there is a benefit to it and that is helping to exercise the part of the brain that manipulates object and distribute sensory information to different part of your body.
  • Prepare new recipes- trying new recipes or ingredients helps your brain to focus on organizing, planning and problem solving skills.
  • Fix things at home, learn new musical instruments, assemble new furniture- it will help exercise part of the brain for motor control, balance and of course muscle coordination.

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