Friday, September 24, 2010

Wolverine the Ultimate Superhero

I think that Wolverine is not only the best X-men; he is the pinnacle of mutant evolution. His only real superpowers are an ultimate healing or regenerating rate and the ability to grow claws from between his knuckles. Wolverine's ability to heal allows him to get stabbed and the wound heals itself within seconds. This ability led him to be experimented on by the military.

This experimentation is what makes Wolverine truly powerful. He was tricked into undergoing an experiment to fuse the strongest metal to his bones. He survived the process and now has an admantium skeleton, which is indestructible. When combined with his natural ability to heal, Wolverine is almost totally invincible. He can get shot, stabbed and beaten only to get back up for more in a few seconds.

Wolverine's only weakness is a susceptibility to magnetic forces, which is a problem since one of the supervillians can control metal. Wolverine is also extremely impulsive and hotheaded. By the third movie he shows that he is capable of learning. He also suffers from amnesia because he was shot with bullets made from the same metal that coats his skeleton.

I love watching the X-men movies on direct tv ohio because the basic channels are almost always playing one of them. The movies were not vulgar or gory enough to have much edited from them, so I feel all right watching these movies with my kids.

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