Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Our Adventure-Filled Honeymoon

I never expected our honeymoon to be so adventurous.

My wife and I made arrangements to travel to St. Lucia. The flight to the island of St. Lucia was a piece of cake, but once we were in St. Lucia, that feeling of ease disappeared in a hurry. We landed on the south side of the island, which meant we had to drive an hour to our hotel on the north side of the island. Our van shuttle experience consisted of speeds in excess of 60 mph on a one-lane road with oncoming traffic and a 500-foot drop to the right. There were many close calls, but it seemed normal for the driver. Luckily, we made it to the hotel alive, but the adventure didn't end there.

On our first day, we took a jeep tour up a mountain and met the locals who sold us the freshest fruit I had ever tasted in my life. We then went to a local bar, which was beyond unique. The friendly crowd energized the room. We then went on a waterfall adventure where we swam in a swimming hole, which was extremely refreshing. We relaxed for the next few days until we choose to take a helicopter ride back to the airport. The scenery gave me the chills. Being up there made me feel more alive than ever before.

We were very lucky to have spotted an ad for St. Lucia while watching the channels we get with direct tv deals a few months prior to our wedding. If we hadn't spotted that ad, we would have missed out on the best experience of our lives.

I appreciate the guest post, Emerson Moses

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