Sunday, August 29, 2010

Heavy Rain

I have started doing my assignment for my History class last Saturday and I am hoping that I can finish the essay after I get out from work. I have to submit a top notch essay for my Tuesday class and I am glad that my husband is willing to edit my work.

Actually, it is raining outside which is good for the trees and the flowers but not safe for drivers on the road. I have been living in Texas close to four years now and I have witnessed a lot of accidents on the road during rainy days. Well, hubby is not home yet because he went to visit his Dad earlier this evening and I sent him a message telling him to be very careful when heading back home because of the rain.

By the way, my husband was telling me about his Uncle who collects different clocks like the howard miller grandfather clocks; he had been a clock collector for many years. I have met him a few times during special family gathering.

1 comment:

yen said...

glad its not raining here this week but last week it was really wet. sarap sana ng ulan if we are in pi

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