Thursday, January 6, 2011

Build Your Body

I went back to the gym with my hubby for the first time in two months last night and oh boy I feel great. It is very refreshing for me to start all over again but one thing I have in my mind while doing my workout routine is that I will be healthier and more active in the long run. New Year means a new me; I want to look great for myself and for my husband also. One of my biggest goals this year is to shed a few pounds and achieve my ideal weight before year 2011 ends.

Last night, while I was running on the treadmill I've heard my husband talks to a male friend from the gym who likes to participate in bodybuilding competition.  He was showing some techniques that we can use to mold our body into a perfect shape through exercising and lifting weights. But one thing he remind us is that exercise alone is not enough to lose weight but we also need to start watching our food intake.

I am looking forward to see the new me in the long run; wish me luck people!

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