Friday, January 28, 2011

Prevent Insomnia by Eating This Foods

I have to admit I am part of those thousands of people who are suffering from insomnia. I am really happy after I've read this article from Discovery Channels which talks about five foods that actually stops insomnia before it starts. Below are five foods that helps prevent insomnia.

  • Brown Rice- they help control and calm our nervous system so we can fall asleep
  • Spinach- is loaded with magnesium which calms our entire body and help us sleep well
  • Pumpkin seeds- a great source of magnesium and help us relieve stress
  • Cottage cheese- is loaded with tryptophan which is a sleep inducing amino acid that relaxes our body and mind
  • Sesame seeds- high in carbohydrates and tryptophan which is perfect before heading to bed
Take note: if you want to fall asleep fast give up the caffeine!

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