Sunday, January 9, 2011

Hospital Scrubs

My sister had been requesting me to send her some medical nursing scrubs that she can wear when she goes to work as a registered nurse in one of the hospitals in the Philippines. I actually keep on forgetting about her scrubs and I totally lost track about this for quite some time. While waiting for my family to get online, I have the chance to check some websites and I found this site called Blue Sky Scrubs very interesting.

The Blue Sky Scrubs is an online store which sells a huge selection of scrub sets, scrub hats for men and women, women's scrubs, men's scrubs, blue sky kid's scrubs, soft shell jackets, women's shirt, men's shirt, designer's nursing uniforms and more. I really like their product so far because it is trendy, fashion forward and the colors is eye popping.

Now I am looking forward for pay day at my place of work so I can order my younger sister a new set of nursing scrubs from Blue Sky Scrubs. Check this beautiful picture below and see it for yourself.

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kat said...

i guess it's good if the medical staffs especially yong nasa pedia wont wear white medical uniforms kasi, ang mga bata takot na sa white uniform haha. Ako nephew Gee, maka kita lang ug naka white uniform maski naa sa jeep, mahadluk na. nagka phobia adtong naospital sya.

agi ko...hehe

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