Friday, January 21, 2011

Family Lawyer

Have you heard about Evans Family Law Group? For those of you who are not familiar with this company let me tell you something about them. Actually, Evans Family Law Group is a law  firm  located in Central Texas which provides and offer board certified Austin family lawyer or Austin Divorce Lawyer for people out there who are in desperate needs of legal advice.

To best honest with you guys, I would never want my marriage to end up in divorce.  But if you are in this situation and there is no other way to settle your problem then you may want to get the best legal advice from a board certified divorce lawyer Austin. Oh by the way, Evans Family Law Group concentrates in different areas such as Agreed Divorce, Child Support, Mediation, Grandparents Rights, Collaborative Divorce, Custom Child Custody and Possessions Schedule and more.

Take note, Evans Family Law Group gives you FREE consultation and they will make sure that you will know your rights. If you are in need of immediate advice then you may call them at 512-628-2550.

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