Sunday, January 30, 2011

Entrecard Works Now!

 The image above is courtesy of Entrecard

I am glad that Entrecard website is finally back. I have been trying to do my Entrecard droppings since this morning but supposedly their website got a bug and I am happy that they already fix the problem. Well, today was a very awesome day. My husband and I went to church and renew our faith to God.

Honestly, to tell you the truth I am not so looking forward for tomorrow because I will be having my first quiz but I am hoping that studying the lesson will enable me to answer the questions. Plus, I have to meet with my group mate to talk about our group presentation. I am wishing everyone a blessed new week!

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Pearl said...

hi Geraldine! Are you studying again? Wow, so nice to know. What course are you taking up? God bless on your quiz!
BTW, my EC is working because I can drop again, BUT when I checked on the summary, it didn't record it. Zero drops were made, and no dropped on me too! Hope it would be fixed.

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