Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Photo Album

I had been dreading to clean our closet for a while and I finally able to do it last night. I was very happy that it looks more organize now compared to what it look like before. Anyways, I have so much junk in my closet such as my old shoes, photobooks, box filled with mailed letters, undergarment, clothes, and books. Well, I let go of some things that I don't really need it anymore and I am planning to donate them this weekend.

Well, speaking of photo books I found some old albums from my husband's family. It was really great seeing old pictures of my husband while he was still a newly born up until he was already in high school. I am glad that he really keeps those pictures for future viewing of our future children. I on the other don't have much picture left on my childhood because our house was destroyed by a typhoon.

After that I promise myself to take as much picture as I can and keep them safe so my future descendant can know me. I always remember that famous saying and I quote "Pictures are worth a thousand words".

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