Monday, January 10, 2011

Rate Your Web

For the longest period of time I have actually been considering purchasing my own domains for my four blogs. I have thought it for some time and I think I am ready to take the plunge. I have been planning this for about three years now but I just don't have the patience to check out some of the webhostingpad ratings to make sure that I get the most of it.

I am more careful than ever to spend my hard earning because I have other priorities in my life. But since I am doing this blogs as an outlet of my emotions and everyday shenanigans;  I wanted to have my own domain that I can totally called my own. I have chatted with a few of my close friends from the world of blogging and I wanted to hear some of their inputs about getting my own domain.  All of them give me a positive feedback and they said that they never regretted getting one of their own.

Well, I am more eager than ever to try this soon. I will probably get one domain for now and let myself be the judge.

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