Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Slides Loving

I am extremely excited to visit my sister in law who lives in Las Cruces, New Mexico USA for Spring break because she owns a good size swimming pool on her backyard. There will be a mini reunion from my husband's side of family for Spring break since everyone will be out of school.  I just learned right now that Michelle my sister in law is actually looking for a perfect pool chemicals that she can used to clean her pool in preparation for the upcoming activities.

I am glad that one of my friends recommended me this website called PC Pools dot com which is the leading provider for any pool supplies or products such as pool liners, pool heaters, automatic pool cleaners, pool slides, pool covers, saunas, pump and filter systems and more.

Well, I am now looking forward to give my sister in law a phone call tomorrow so she can check PC Pools online store and find the best pool chemicals that fits her needs. By the way, I have uploaded an image that really caught my attention while visiting the PC Pools online store; I totally love this Vortex Pool Slide.

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