Friday, January 28, 2011

Velvet Ropes and Stanchions

I've attended a couple of concerts here in Texas and New Mexico since I arrived here in the United States of America almost five years ago and one thing that I always notice during crowd gathering events is that they have some sorts of barricades or velvet rope to prevent people from going up in the stage. It is actually quite chaotic during this event because people from all walks of life gather at one venue for the purpose of meeting their favorite musicians, actors or actresses from Hollywood.

Can you imagine not having this crowd control product? It would be a chaotic end result for everyone. These items I mention above are not only seen during concerts but it is also common use in banks and at the movie theater. In the Philippines where I come from, stanchions are commonly seen in banks and theaters. It actually provides safe security for everyone who is waiting in line for their turn to finish their business transaction.

I find this crowd control product as one of the smartest things that was ever invented.

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