Friday, January 14, 2011

Control Your Nerves

I have noticed that every time I give a talk at church or when my boss calls me I always feel nervous and uncomfortable. My heart race a hundred miles when I'm nervous and I feel lucky to have read this article from the Woman's World Magazine and DJ Tesh that talks about calming your nerves in 15 seconds to 5 minutes. Here are the lists on what to do.

  • If you have five minutes before giving a speech then you may want to chew a gum to help calm your nerves. It help relaxes the muscles in the jaw and neck which is where most people hold their tension.
  • If you have two minutes before facing a stressful situation then you may want to pinch yourself. Squeeze the webbing between your thumb and index finger for 30 seconds. It’s a calming acupuncture point. Then, think of one word and repeat it quietly to yourself. It’s a simple meditation technique. 
  • If you have one minute to calm your nerves then you may want to tighten up. Contract all your muscles, hold for five seconds, then release. That sends a signal to your brain to stop releasing stress chemicals. You’ll quickly feel calmer. Then, start humming a tune. It stimulates your body’s relaxation response by regulating your breathing, slowing your heart rate, and triggering calming chemicals.
  • If you only have fifteen seconds to calm your nerves then you may want to take three deep breaths. Take the first, and hold it for one second, then repeat. Simply doing that can lower your blood pressure between 10 and 20 points! It also brings oxygen to the brain which helps you feel more alert. Then stand up straight. Taking a moment to improve your posture relieves tension in the neck, shoulders, back and legs. 
Take note:
I may have used the words from the author and I want to give them credit for that.

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