Friday, January 21, 2011

A Place You Call Home

My father in law recently acquires his second homes which is located about four hours away from El Paso, Texas. Right now, my father in law is planning to have a housewarming party ones the house is already furnish. I am excited to check out his new place because as what he relayed to my husband; the second house is far bigger than the one he is residing for now.

Anyways, I truly believed that my father in law deserves whatever things he is getting right now. He had been working hard for the family for most of his life and he deserves to be happy and just do whatever things he and his wife please to do. My husband's step mother had an early retirement from her place of work because of a broken hip but she is a lot better now.

I wish that someday my husband and I will also be more financially stable and grow old together as a couple. For now, I wanted to congratulate my father in law for his second place he can call home soon.

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