Friday, January 7, 2011

Dysport Treatment

One particular friend who happens to live in the beautiful Aloha state of Hawaii is been very articulate about the way she looks. I have known her ever since I can remember because both our families were neighbors before. I regularly chatted with her and recently she had informed me that she is planning to undergo a procedure in the future called Maui Dysport which is kind of similar to receiving Botox treatment.

I was even joking with her that I am the one who badly needed a repair on my skin because I am always stress out with my career. I told her that I have not seen any signs of wrinkles of some sort on my face for now but I am sure in the years to come it will eventually show up and I will certainly do my best to stop the aging of my skin.

Anyways, I totally understand what she had been through. She wants to feel beautiful inside and out and I commend her for that. Hopefully, I will age gracefully in my own rightful time.

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