Friday, January 14, 2011

Pick Your Rain Chain Today!

When my husband and I visited my sister in law in Las Cruces, New Mexico I have noticed that there is a rain chain hanging on her roof and on her gutter. These rain chains look very trendy because not only it helps funnel the rain water from the roof but it also made a great decor. After I saw this wonderful chains rain link, I have thought about getting one for my family back home and for my husband's step dad's home. They can definitely use it to funnel the water from the roof of my parents house since raining season will start soon.

My sister in law Carleen told me to check this website called Rain Chain Link dot com that sells a wide selection of chains rain such as Rain Chain Cup, Rain Chain Links, Rain Chain Leaders, Rain Chain Basins and more. The Rain Chain Link online store also offers rain chain accessories such as Rain Barrels, Water Flow Accessories just to name a few.

Lastly, I decided to upload a picture of my favorite rain chain called Polish Bluebell Copper Rain Chain. Don't wait folks; click any of the links above!

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