Thursday, January 27, 2011

The Warrior's Way Movie Review Etc!

I feel so happy yesterday knowing that we did our part to help the missionaries from our church. Actually, it was our schedule to feed the missionaries yesterday so two Sundays ago we told our full time missionaries that they will have their dinner at our apartment. I made them some Filipino dish and thankfully no one complains about my cooking abilities. All I received from them are great compliments and I feel relieve knowing that all my hard work is paid just by saying "thank you".

Actually, one of the missionaries had already tried some Filipino dish before but his new companion has not tried it ever. So, he politely requested me if is there any way that I can cook the same dish that he tried before and of course I said yes. It feels really good knowing that I was able to help our church missionaries.

Well, after they left our apartment, I ask my husband to drive me to my place of work to get my check and I also brought some food for his step dad to eat. Then we decided to go and watch the movie "The Warrior's Way". The movie was pretty violent and I would not recommend for your children to watch it.

Overall, my entire day yesterday was very pleasant; how about yours folks?

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