Thursday, August 25, 2011

Car Troubles and More

I am trying to think positive here while we experience so much trouble with our two vehicles that we owned. Both of the cars, are not working right now and our mechanic just took one of the car to his shop. Apparently, the Toyota car needs radiator replacement because it does not hold the water and its spilling water like crazy. Last night, while hubby was driving the car he noticed that the needle went on hot alert and our little car is overheating. On the contrary, the Chevy car that we owned needs to be check by a locksmith because there is something wrong with its security.

I feel so bad today because my husband ride the bus so he can go to his pace of work instead of riding the taxi because he wants to save money. I was paid yesterday at my place of work and I told him that I can give him money so he can just call a taxi cab to take him to work but needless to say he has a mind of his own. He did call me again and telling me that he arrived safely at his place of work.

One of my closest friends from my place of work will be giving me a ride to work later today and I am thankful that I can always rely on her when I badly needed it. I hope our Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ will bless her a thousand folds and more.

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