Monday, August 29, 2011

Try Cross Fit Today

My husband and I are trying to get back into shape, although I have to admit it is harder than I thought it would be. My husband is always looking up new and different methods that we can use in order to get into shape, and also he likes to read blogs of people who work out so that he can get more motivated into getting back in shape. Recently, we came across a website called Pat Barber dot com which is a website and blog created by pat barber who is a coach for a program known as CrossFit.  CrossFit is a program that looks amazing, and evidenced by Mr. Pat Barber, I really think it is a program that works although it looks quite challenging. After looking at some of the things featured in Pat Barber’s website and blog, my husband has decided to try out some of the methods and equipment that Pat Barber has used to get in shape. I highly recommend everyone checks out all of the great things that Pat Barber’s website has to offer.

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