Sunday, August 14, 2011


Then again, as usual I am the last person to find out that my closest friend from my place of work had a miscarriage early yesterday morning. I was devastated because I had work with her the night before it happen and the symptoms were already there. After she took a thirty minute break; she had noticed that there's a light blood discharges while she was in the bathroom. She asks me a couple of times if I had experience similar symptoms and I told her I had experience it when I have my monthly period.

After we part ways that night, I had told her to monitor and see if stops and to immediately consult her physician. Suffice to say, the worst thing happen. At 5:30 AM she was bleeding and it won't stop at all. She had to call the ambulance and was on her way to the emergency room. The doctor gave her medicine to stop the bleeding and deliver to her the saddest news and that is "the baby is gone". She was only about 5 weeks pregnant but she already bonded with the baby on her tummy. Needless to say, she was hurt and I told her that everything happen for a reason and only God knows why. I was very emotional after I had chatted with her because I've been looking forward to be pregnant for quite awhile now and the thought of losing a baby makes me sad and heartbroken.

All I can do right now is to pray that she will be comforted on what she is feeling right now and to be there for her all the time. I wish her the best of health and that she can move on eventually and to look forward for a bright future together with her son and her husband.

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