Friday, August 12, 2011

Crazy Night

Tonight was a crazy night for my husband and I. Shortly after purchasing dinner from Taco Cabana, we were driving home when we noticed a strange incident on the opposite side of the street we were driving on. Apparently a woman was screaming for help because it seemed that two men were kidnapping her, so my husband made a U-Turn and we followed the car to see what was happening. Shortly after the car drove off, and we were able to call 911 and then it turns out that the police were close by and were in pursuit of the vehicle. We ended up driving in the direction of the police and we noticed that 3 police vehicles had chased the car with the two men who had taken the girl and the car pulled over. I am not sure what happened next exactly, but it seemed that the cops separated the girl from the two men and drove her home while the two men were allowed to leave. Overall, it was kind of crazy, but I think that we did a good deed because we have no idea what would have happened to that girl had we not been there.

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