Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Certified Workaholic

I am happy that I will be working for only three hours today at my place of work. Well, today was supposed to be my day off but since business had been busy for quite some time now, my boss asked me if I could come in later today for three hours only. I automatically said yes because I figured it out that extra money will be good for my next pay check. On the other hand, I just realized right now that I have so many pending errands that I needed to do today but oh well, hopefully I can do it after I get out of work. I am so grateful every day that I still have my regular full time job plus I have my sideline career as a paid blogger as well as ghost writer for anyone out there who needed my services (wink). Anyways, folks I am getting ready to hit the sack because it is already 3 AM here in Texas!

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