Thursday, August 11, 2011

Mosquito Repellant

I need to purchase a mosquito repellant tomorrow because I just realized that a bunch of mosquito's invaded my little abode. As usual, I am here sitting in front of my laptop computer and doing some blog hopping when something bit my leg. Well, of course my first reaction was to slap and when I check my hand I saw that there's a dead mosquito attach to it.

I am freaking out because there are already three people that was hospitalized because of a mosquito bites. In fact this mosquito's are bringing a deadly virus called West Nile virus. The health department in my city had issue a warning for all the people that reside in my city to always carry a mosquito repellant and to apply it every day. Plus to wear long sleeves and long pants especially at dawn and dusk. I hope and pray that the mosquito that bit me doesn't carry the virus or else I will be in big trouble.

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