Monday, November 24, 2008

Celebrate Your Thanksgiving With Sears!

Today was very stressful because I was cleaning the house. I was supposed to relax because I'm off from work but I can't help myself but do something or I'll go crazy. I was cleaning the house because my sister-in-laws will be here for Thanksgiving Day and they might be staying in our house. I forgot to tell my husband yesterday to borrow the vacuum cleaner from his Dad because we don't have our own vacuum cleaner anymore since we left it at our old apartment. As I was browsing the web I noticed that there is a Sears Pre-Thanksgiving Sale. I checked to see if they have any sales for a vacuum cleaner and I said to myself, Oh wow! They have some. It is a Kenmore brand vacuum cleaner that comes with a Bagless upright with Inteli-Clean system for only $229.99 on which you can save $120 if you buy it during the Sears Pre-Thanksgiving Sale.

I am very happy because we will be getting our new Kenmore Vacuum cleaner which means that we don't have to borrow from my Father-in-laws anymore, after we purchase our own. It also means that we will be saving money if we purchase this item during the Sears Pre-Thanksgiving Sale.


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