Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Excited For Thanksgiving Day!

My boss told us today that we will be close tomorrow so we can celebrate the Thanksgiving Day together with our family. I am very happy because we will have a get together dinner tomorrow with my husband's family.

I asked my Father-in-law if they need help and he was happy because he said that I am the first person who asked that question to him. I told him that we can help them prepare the food tomorrow since both me and my husband will be free tomorrow. This year will be my third time to celebrate Thanksgiving Day with my family here in the US. I will be taking pictures tomorrow for sure.


Ivana said...

mmm...what a kind boss..warmest regards from
funny humor

Sarah said...

Nice to meet you! So to speak, since we met via blogs ;-) Thanks for noticing my blog on PPP and leaving me a comment. It's nice to meet fellow LDS members online. And best of all, we both live in Texas!

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