Tuesday, November 25, 2008


I can't believed that until now I have not received the item that I've been waiting to arrived in the mail. It's been two weeks already and I am started to get worried, I thought I will have them sooner but I am very much disappointed. I dunno if they sent it to the wrong address but I did make sure that I give them the correct address and my full name. I just want to have it right now so I can used it...It is a very elegant purse that I order online. I have a mini collection of purses although, not all of them are well known brand but they are cute, in-great colors, well made,and I pick them from thousands of items online. I've been contacting the seller about it but I have not received any explanation or any agreement on what to do next.

I am still hopeful I will eventually received the item this week! I am crossing my fingers!

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