Thursday, November 20, 2008

Make Your Dream A Reality!

I love visiting new places especially if I can travel without spending too much money. Here's the good news, Larry the Travel Guy is giving away two round trip tickets for a free trip to New Zealand. The two round trip flights are from Los Angeles, California to Auckland, New Zealand. The cost of the trip will be shouldered with Air New Zealand.

My husband and I have been wanting to travel to New Zealand to visit his friend there who's wife is from the Philippines also. It would be nice to reunite with them and meet them in person and visit new places as well. Also, I wanted to see my childhood friend again who is now living in New Zealand too.
Oh you may wonder who is Larry the Travel Guy? Larry is a traveller,an adventurer, he is also an explorer who likes to discover things around the world. He likes to visit new places and experience different cultures and he loves to share his experiences with all people within the online community.

What to expect when you travel to Auckland, New Zealand? People in Auckland, New Zealand are friendly and they love to play Rugby. You can also try new things there such as bungee jumping or you can also visit their finest wineries as well being able to lodge at the famous Hotel Du Vin that offers high end accommodations.

This a chance of a life time so do your part now by visiting Larry the Travel for more information.


1 comment:

faye said...

nice blog...hope i can visit new zealand in the future it is included in my dream places to
(just included who knows if we have luck )
gand ng title mo ...i like it...

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