Thursday, November 20, 2008

Ways To Take If You Lose Your Job

1. Grieve...Then Move On- Spend a day or two getting all of your resentful feelings out of your system. If you hang onto your emotional baggage, it’ll only slow down your search for a new job. So after a couple of days, you’ve got to move forward and DON’T burn bridges by calling your boss or coworkers to “give them a piece of your mind.” You never know when someone from your former job might help you find a future job

2. Get Your Resume Together- Start by putting together a list of everything you accomplished at your last job, but don’t just regurgitate your job description. Your accomplishments should highlight things like numbers, percents, and dollars saved because studies show that specific, measurable experience registers with hiring managers and applicant screeners. So instead of saying you had “shipping duties,” say something like “helped introduce a new shipping system that cut costs by $100 a month.” However, don’t LIE on your resume. If an employer finds out you lied, you won’t get the job. Period....

3. Let People Know That You Are Currently Looking for A Job- Go through your collection of business cards and start reconnecting with former associates. DON’T just talk to people who know you well, talk to the guy you always wave to at the gym. Or the parents of the other kids on your daughter’s soccer team. Studies show that 80 percent of all jobs come through networking and you never know who may have a lead.

4. Search for Full-Time Job- This means eight hours a day of solid work. Whether it’s calling potential employers, surfing job websites, attending job fairs, or reading about the career you’re interested in. Being a “professional job seeker” may not be the job title you want, but if you take it seriously, it won’t be your job title for long.

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