Sunday, November 23, 2008

Keeping Your Skin Healthy and Hydrated

• Moisturize for soft skin-

For a deeply moisturizing treatment, gently rub your skin with calendula oil twice a day. To bring relief from tight and itchy skin, mix in ten drops of Tonic Oil (wintergreen, eucalyptus, and menthol) with fresh aloe gel; apply liberally and frequently.

• Hydrate yourself-

Dryness, in general, is a condition caused by depleted internal fluids. Keep hydrated and drink plenty of water, at least 60 ounces per day. Avoid spicy foods, alcohol, and coffee.

• Valuable vitamins for skin-

A fluid deficiency can result in skin dryness. One suggestion is to be sure that you are getting your proper vitamin intake; vitamins A, B-Complex, and E support healthy skin. Vitamin E can also be applied directly to the skin at elbows, knees, or anywhere that is especially dry.

• Shorten shower time-

Long hot baths and showers remove oils from your skin. Keep your bath or shower time to under 15 minutes, and use warm, rather than hot, water. After washing, gently pat yourself dry with a towel to keep some moisture on your skin. Then moisturize. Also, keep in mind that harsh deodorant and antibacterial soaps are damaging to your skin, stripping it of lipids and moisture. If you have dry skin, it's best to use mild soaps with added oil and moisturizer. After cleansing, your skin should never feel tight or dry.

• Dress for dry weather-

Keep covered up to avoid excessive exposure to sun and wind. Be kind to your skin and choose natural fiber fabrics, such as cotton or silk, that let your skin breath. Also, use gentle laundry detergents to wash your clothes, the ones with no dyes or perfumes, both of which may irritate your skin.

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