Friday, November 28, 2008

Holiday Shopper Please Slow Down!

A Wal-Mart worker was killed after shoppers knock him in the ground. The shoppers were eager to get the best bargain from Wal-Mart, they even broke down the doors so they can get it. The sad part is that the unknown worker come from a temporary agency where he was doing store maintenance at Wal-Mart Store in New York.

He was rushed to the hospital but at 6 a.m he was pronounced dead. Also a 28 year old pregnant woman was taken to the hospital for observation, four or five other people suffered minor injuries.

So too all holiday buyers please take it easy, don't rushed!


amiable amy said...

they already knew him, the fact and the agency who hired him will really do something for the family,or else...lawsuit will be filed

amiable amy said...

This is really a sad story right girl? hmmmm... Police are trying to see the video and see who are the responsible...a tragic black friday event indeed

Claire said...

Some shoppers are crazy, I know.
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