Thursday, July 7, 2011

Tyler Perry's Madea's Happy Big Family Movie Review

Every Wednesday out of the week, my husband and I are normally off from our places of work and that means that we can actually do something together and spend the whole day with each other just doing things that we both enjoyed. For instance, during day time we decided to grill some barbecue chicken and shared it with my co-workers at work. Plus we also, brought some food for his step-Dad and had our brunch with him. We did take our naps over my step-in-laws house which is pretty awesome because we were able to stay there longer.

Then, we went to the mall and did a little shopping spree and decided to go to the discounted theater and watched the movie by Tyler Perry titled "Madea's Big Happy Family". My husband and I both agreed that this movie is pretty good. This movie which is produce and directed by Tyler Perry has everything on it including comedy and drama. I totally recommend this movie for anyone out there who wants a good laugh plus a little drama on the side.

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