Friday, July 8, 2011

Weekly Deals at Our Favorite Store

I really enjoyed my day off today not only that I was able to spend time with my husband but it also allowed me to visit my favorite grocery store and do my weekly grocery shopping. Since my favorite grocery store always have something on special each time I go there I check the weekly ads and I found out that beef meat were on sale as well as the some of the seafood items. I also check the fruit stand area and I grab a pound of red plums which was on sale for .79 cents a pound. My dear hubby on the other hand, also grabs a great deal for laundry soap which was on sale for .99 cents for a 32 loads and he also purchase a soap dish worth .89 cents. I feel really good because I save a few dollars. Anyways, tomorrow will be a long day for me because I am schedule to close at my place of work. I would like to greet all the working people out there to have a happy weekend!

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unicorna said...

Very pleasant blog, kisses.

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