Friday, July 8, 2011

How I Scored Some Decently Priced Tickets

I don’t do it often, but once every year or two, it is nice to put aside some money during the summer months to buy some tickets to see Texas’ very own Houston Texans. For those that don’t know, the Texans are a fairly new franchise – they joined the NFL in 2002 – and play at Reliant Stadium. You don’t have to like football to feel the excitement of the Stadium, which holds up to 71,500 fans who are often happily cheering on their home team.  The energy is contagious, and you don’t even have to be following the game to enjoy the benefits – though it only gets better as you let yourself get swept up in the action. 

I just recently decided to go again for the upcoming season and started searching for deals on Texans tickets. I came across a few sites before realizing that SeatGeek (from the previous link) actually just aggregates all the tickets to make the process pretty quick and a lot easier to spot the cheapest tickets. I picked them up and now have a fun Fall activity penciled in on the schedule between Halloween and the Holidays.

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