Friday, July 15, 2011

Smoothies with a little bit of a kick

 Guest post written by Whitney Carson

When I eat almost anything, I want just as much flavor packed into it as possible. I've never been one that really likes bland things. That would probably explain why I can't really stand light beer and other things that are supposed to be light on taste. To me that's just light on quality too. If I'm going to eat or drink something I want it to be worth that time, money and the calories that I'm using on it. Well, that definitely goes the same for smoothies. Whenever I go anywhere and order a smoothie, I choose to make sure that I add a little something extra to it or else it just doesn't have enough flavor to it for me.

I decided that maybe I should try and make my own smoothies at home for fun and went online to try and find some recipes to use for it. Whiel I was looking online I saw the website clearwirelessinternet.Net and after I looked at it some, i decided to change over my hoem internet service to it.

Well, I did find a few recipes, but I of course added in a few more flavors because I know that's just how I would like it and I was right.

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