Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Meeting a New Filipina Friend in Texas

My dear hubby and I had such a long day today. He did work a few hours at his place of work earlier this morning and on the other hand, I was off from work. While waiting for him to arrive from his place of work I decided to clean our little abode for a little bit before getting ready to meet up with him for a brunch. Well, after that we headed back home and took our little naps before taking off once again to pick my check and go to the bank and cashed it. By the way, my place of work doesn't offer direct deposit which literally sucks because it takes a little bit of my time away.

After cashing my check at the bank, we drove right away to visit my newly found friend who also happens to be from the Philippines. She is actually from Cebu, Philippines which was really cool because I am from a neighboring island called Bohol. Well, we arrived there about five and my new found friend by the name of Joanne wanted me to teach her how to cook some new Filipino dishes. I feel honored that she wanted to learn it from me and we decided to cook together while both our husband were in the living just relaxing and waiting for dinner. I made three kinds of dishes such as bake chicken, pork steak with pineapple chunks and Filipino style fried chicken and pork chops. The end result was fantastic and I am more than happy to know that they like what I cook for them. Anyways, after eating our dinner we head back to the living room and we had our karaoke singing session. It was fun and I am really happy to have found newly found couple who are really nice people. We are looking forward to spend time with them again plus meeting new Filipino friends around their neighborhood. Good night y'all!

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Pearl said...

Gee,it's always nice to meet "kababayans" in a foreign land. Dito sa town namin 2 lang kaming pamilyang filipino, hindi ko pa nameet yung maybahay nung isa. kakatuwa dyan sa inyo:-)

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