Friday, July 22, 2011

Yummy Bacon Cheeseburger

We walk up pretty early today since my father in law pick up my husband to get our other car from his house. I am not sure if I have mention from my previous posts that our car engine shuts down and we have no choice but to replace it with another one. I was frustrated quite frankly because it costs too much. Since receiving that car as a gift from my father in law to me, we must have already spent over two thousand dollars for repairs and maintenance. Besides that we are very happy to tell you guys that my car is already repaired and ready to be use.

My husband and I then decided to try this place called Happy Burger and I was amazed because the place is fantastic. The food is extra delicious and everything we tried was good. Here's a photo of my bacon cheeseburger that I ordered earlier. Happy Friday everyone!

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