Friday, October 10, 2008

Cheapest Gas Ever!

We are very happy that the price of gas in El Paso, Texas per gallon went down to $3.25. The highest gas price that we have here so far for this year was $3.99 per gallon.

My husband usually put $30 for our car and it will last for 5 to one week, although it depends if we drive a lot for that whole week. We always put gas during nighttime because "they always says that when you put gas at night you will end up having more gas" its connected with the temperature or so.

A few months back we always make sure that if we went driving somewhere else and if we need something for that day or for the week , we only have to travel on one occasion to save gas. We also have nearby Family Dollar Store so when we need something we just go there and walk.

Hopefully, it will continue to go down because if it happens that it will continue to decrease the prices of gasoline that means that we can also save a few bucks extra for gasoline expenses.

A little update about the price of gas here in El Paso, Texas. From $3.25 it drops to $2.99 a gallon yesterday October 16, 2008.

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