Thursday, October 30, 2008

Saying Thank You Means A Lot

I feel happy when people say "thank you" to me. Especially that I have to deal with different kind of people everyday. I feel motivated when people likes what I do and it also helps boost my self-esteem as well.

When people say "thank you" that means that they are very grateful on what you do or it also a sign that they like you as a person. It also helps us to be more grateful and happy for what we have in our life. Counting our blessings and giving thanks to the Lord helps us grow spiritually.

Expressing our gratitude to other people is one way of showing that we are thankful for all the things we received or benefited from them. It is also a sign that you appreciate everything that you have become. Having said that, I commend my parents for teaching me to be grateful all the time especially to those people and appreciate the finer things in life or even the challenges that we have encountered or about to be experienced.

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