Saturday, October 18, 2008

Homeless in America!

For two years since I arrived and lived here in the US I've noticed that there's a lot of homeless people begging for assistance in the form of money and food on the street everyday that we drove around the city.

Most of them have card boards with a written explanation for example are:

Homeless and Hungry
Homeless War Veteran
Need Food or Stranded

I never thought that I will see people like that on the street. I thought it only applies to a Third World country to which I came from. I realized now that poverty does not only apply to a Third World country like Philippines for example. We were taught or influenced by the things that we read and saw on the television that we may end up thinking that First World countries like America don't have any homeless or poor people on the street begging for money everyday of their lives.

Some people might be doing that in order for them to support their addiction. But I just can't believed that one way or another everywhere you go or travel there will always be homeless people around the corner.

As an individual who come from a middle class family in the Philippines, I've seen people or know people there, that can only eat one meal a day, they never had the chance to go to school because they are not able to finance their education although there's a lot of public school in the Philippines but still there are some school fees that are needed to be paid before a student can take their major exams.

Although we are not rich nor that poor but still my parents work really hard so they can provide the basic needs for the whole family. I came from a big family so it is very challenging everyday for my parents to support us for our studies, food, clothes etc...etc. My mother works in the local government from the city where I came from and my father used to work also as a government employee but due to some circumstances he was laid off from work.

We don't have the same opportunities as what the people in America have. For instance, you can get financial aids or loans here so you can continue your studies and eventually get your degree. In the Philippines, we cannot get loans nor financial aid from school, unless you are a working scholar student meaning you have to work at the school and maintain a grade point average or if you are an Academic Scholar which you have to maintain a much higher grade point average.

I don't really understand why there are still a lot of homeless people here when in fact the government have given them a lot of resources so they can lived a normal life. They even have Food Stamps, they have agencies where you can go and will help you find a job and even give you money for your fares and food cost while looking for a job. I think its cool but if people are not willing to do this process to get out on the street and have decent jobs then there's no way that they will be able to improved their status in life.

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