Saturday, October 11, 2008

Never Ending Chores!

Today was extra busy at work, I have to work for 8 hours without a break because one of my co-worker was absent because her daughter is sick. Anyways, I am just exhausted right now and I just want to sit and rest.

But oh well, I can't really help myself because when I arrived in the house, it was a little bit messy and honestly it irritates me. My husband was not able to load the dirty dishes in the dish washer because he went with his Dad and his sister somewhere.

So here I am washing the dishes, cleaning the kitchen and cleaning the living room. Although I make sure that I always clean everyday but there is just things that I noticed that I don't like that's why I still have to do it, even though I am really tired from work.

Well, it makes me feel better and more relaxed if our apartment is very neat and clean. I am tired but I feel happy and accomplished today. Indeed, time is gold!

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