Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Making Your Home A Cockroach-Free

Do you have any experience seeing cockroaches that are scattered on your kitchen? Do you think you are a bad housekeeper? Actually, cockroaches are not attracted to messy household contrary to what we believed. But theoretically speaking, they’re just looking for warmth, moisture, and darkness are around your household.

Here are ways to get rid of cockroaches at home:

1. Figure out where the cockroach lives- Experts recommend setting out roach traps coated with sticky glue. The more heavily-trafficked strips will be closest to their nest. Also, check around for droppings, egg sacs, and the exoskeletons that roaches shed as they grow.

2. Get Rid of hiding places and bait- Toss out piled newspapers, cardboard boxes, paper bags, and general clutter. Store fruits, vegetables and bread in airtight containers and clean your stove, oven and microwave, paying extra attention to grease. Because even small spots are like cockroach candy.

3. Cockroaches need water more than food- So look for places that collect water, like plants, or the drip plate under your fridge. Also, put stoppers over your drains, and make sure your faucets have screens so the cockroaches can’t crawl in through the plumbing.

4. Fill any cracks- near nesting areas with a flexible caulk that prevents cockroaches from getting through.

5. Ditch the cockroach spray-They’re known as “contact repellents” – meaning the poison must be sprayed on a roach to kill it. Instead, get boric acid powder, and lightly dust it in the cracks you can't seal, and under sinks and appliances, and behind cabinets. The bugs walk through it, ingest it, and die within hours and it won’t hurt pets or people.


Tripzibit said...

Great tips, i'll try it. Thanx, Sis

texaswithlove1982 said...

Oh thanks for the comment.

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