Thursday, October 30, 2008

Mistakes Parents Make

Here are top mistakes that parents make.

* Spoiling Your Kids- it’s fun to watch your child’s face light up when you give them a new toy, but a lot of well-intentioned parents have ended up spoiling their kids to a point where they aren’t happy with the stuff they have. That can cause kids to never be satisfied with anything and always want more. Plus, if your kids get everything they want, they won’t be prepared to handle it when things DON’T go their way in life.

* Not Being A Good Spouse- If you and your spouse settle every dispute by yelling and screaming at each other, you’re teaching your kids to handle disagreements the same way. Remember: kids learn from watching you much more than they learn from listening to you. So, treat your spouse with love and respect. This goes for divorced parents, too.

* Setting Unrealistic Expectations- If you expect your 5 year old to sit still through a dinner party or you have visions of your son being a star quarterback for the football team, but he loves playing the clarinet – you’re setting yourself up for disappointment. Don’t have unrealistic expectations for your kids – the expectation you should have is for them to be happy.

* Not Disciplining Your Kids- If you don’t adequately discipline your kids, you pass their bad behavior on to your relatives, coaches, teachers, and his friends' parents. If you don't discipline your kid, someone else will — and you won't like it.

* The Final Mistake Is Not Following-Through- If you tell your kids they’ll be grounded if they throw water balloons at your neighbor’s house, you need to follow through. You also need to follow through if you promised your kids you’d take them to the park this weekend. If you’re not true to your word, your kids will assume anything you say is just “talk.” You’ll also end up with kids that don’t trust their parents.

This mistakes are not new but still parents have a lot of time to change the pattern.

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