Sunday, October 26, 2008

Wohooooo, I am hired!

Finally, I am hired at the school district to become one of their many Substitute Teacher. I am very happy, although I will not start right away as a Substitute Teacher. I have to attend a series of orientation to familiarize their school system and so I can become a great asset for my employer ones I start doing my Substitution.

I am actually still waiting for the results of my other job application that I sent it to the banks here in El Paso, Texas. I have many things that I wanna do to further my career and education and be able to get a secure and stable job. I am working full time but I wanna make time to go back to school for another degree, though I have a four year degree already in Banking and Finance. I believe that we need to be constantly evolving and learn new crafts to help us better our personality, our career and to better our standard of living.

I am truly blessed to have a wonderful and very helpful hubby who is there for me to encouraged me to excel in everything that I do. And of course my constant inspiration is my family back in the Philippines.


Carolyn said...

wow! congrats dine. i'm so happy for you.

thanks for the visit. I'm so busy lately and maybe until dec pa ni hehehe

how about you? what's new over there?

have a nice day..and goodluck to your new job.

texaswithlove1982 said...

What makes you busy? Thank you for keeping in touch. Thank you...

nahj12 said...

wow.. congratssssss!!

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