Friday, October 24, 2008

Is It Safe To Have Caller ID?

Caller I.D.’s a great technology that lets you know who’s on the phone before you pick up. But is it always truthful? Not necessarily.

According to the Associated Press, hackers have gotten into the system. And they can make somebody else's name or number show up on your phone. It’s called “spoofing” – and it can be dangerous.

For example, a spoofer could pretend to be your bank or credit card company, and ask for your PIN number or password. Or a spoof er could pretend to be your cell phone company, so they can get the code for your voicemail box and listen to your messages.

So what can you do about it?
Be suspicious! Never give out sensitive information to anyone who calls. Remember - your bank, credit card company, and utility providers already have your information in their computer. So, why would they need to call you to get it?

Better safe than sorry....Remember guard yourself...

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Anonymous said...

that's true that's why I registered my number to the No call list!

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