Thursday, October 16, 2008

Super Yummy Dinner

My husband's Dad left this morning to attend a wedding ceremony at Dallas, Texas. Well, he told my husband that we can come to his house to do whatever we want as long as we keep the house neat and clean.

We went at my father-in-laws house last night and we were bringing our dirty clothes so we can also washed there. This also one way of saving our money by doing the laundry at my father-in-laws house instead of doing at our laundry room at our apartment complex.

I haven't cooked any food at our apartment last night ,and then my husband Tony decided to make our dinner. He looks extra cute because he was wearing an apron. He was making Steaks with String beans and french fries. My husband's specialty when it comes to cooking includes homemade cheese burgers and homemade french fries or home made beef stew.

We both enjoy our meal...

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