Thursday, October 30, 2008

Laugh,Think and Learn Rolled Into One

Home is the first school for children to learn. I don't have any children at the moment, but I have younger sisters and younger brothers that I took care before. It is very important for children to learn things at a young age.

For instance, I remember that my Mom used to play music for my younger siblings, put DVD tapes so they can watch cartoon movies, helping them learn and memorize children songs and a lot more.

The creator of the "Bop-Along with the Bop-a-Lots" was named Parenting Magazine "DVD of the Year!". They create the characters like Huggy-Bop,Sugar-Bop, and Silly-Bop.

Generally, children are curious, they love to play, and they like to use their imagination. The Bop-a-Lots character will lead your children for a very wonderful journey of discovery and they will learn how to think better.

Bubbling with curiosity, Huggy-Bop- is always eager to try a new game or dance, no matter how difficult it might seem or how awkward he might look. Silly-Bop on the other hand, is full of playfulness and enthusiasm. Last but not the least is Sugar-Bop, she can easily imagines new worlds to visit, new dances to dance and new games to play, making her the natural leader of the group.

Compared to other video products for children, the goal of the Bop-a-Lots series of DVDs is not to teach kids "WHAT" to think, but rather to help them learn "HOW" to think. The Bop-a-Lot series is designed in cooperation with educators to help develop better thinking skills during the crucial first few years of a child's life, thus it is intended to: Encourage and motivate curiosity, playfulness and imagination. Jump-start the ability to see the traditional from new perspectives. And make the exploration of the unfamiliar and the unexpected fun.

It teaches young children thinking skills used by the world's greatest minds. Great minds think alike, and that's actually true. One of the important ways great minds think alike is in their ability to look at the traditional from many different perspectives and generate multiple new ideas and associations. This is actually a skill that is known as the Productive Thinking, and it just happens to be a common trait shared by Edison, Einstein and DaVinci of the world.

By learning "how" to think instead of "what" to think, your child gains an invaluable tool that will prove an advantage throughout his or her life and the Bop-a-Lots series of DVDs will help.

So parents out there, hurry and check this DVD series for the benefits of your young children.

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