Thursday, October 2, 2008

We Promise

Promises Treatment Center is a private rehab for the treatment of drug addiction and alcoholism. Promises is a substance abuse facility that treats those in need of comprehensive, high quality drug rehab, including those in need of meths rehab, alcohol rehab, cocaine rehab, depression & anxiety treatment and dual diagnosis disorder treatment.

One of the main goal or mission of the Promises Treatment Center is to provide a gateway to sobriety for you or a loved one and to aid in the achievement of lifetime dreams. This is the mission they do not take it lightly.

They have been helping clients for 20 years now with restorative and compassionate care they have provided for all those years in business. One of the keys to their success has been their size. They limit their number of residential treatment clients to 18 at each of their two facilities in order to give each person the personal care and attention they to succeed.

They are proud of the world-class team of addiction treatment professionals they have gathered during the past two decades of service to the community. You or your loved one will be placed in the hands of qualified specialists with the experience, education and credentials to offer treatment for alcoholism and drug addiction.

The good thing about the people who works at Promises is that they can relate to what you have been through because they too have personal experience with drug and/or alcohol addiction, and are active in their own recovery. Every single member of their clinical team is committed to providing the highest quality care available.

So if you have a friend or family member that you know that are struggling with this kind of addiction please feel free to tell them about Promises Treatment Center. You can be their instrument for a life of lasting recovery free of their addiction.

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