Thursday, October 16, 2008

Busted On The Road

Well, after we eat our dinner last night, we went to Wal-mart to buy laundry soap since we are out of it and we still have about two loads to go before we are finished doing our laundry. As I said earlier on my other post , we were at my father-in-laws house doing our laundry.

So my husband was driving our car and then before we can passed the other stop sign, we already saw some lights from a police car , you can actually tell because it was red and blue kind of color. I was telling my husband to slow down and see if what's going on because we saw about 4 cars that were stopped. I was even telling him, you see that's what happened to those drivers who are careless on the road and does not follow road signs and speed limits. Without any idea that we will also be stopped. Before we can react, we saw a policeman who jumps on his car and drive ahead of us. It was our car and then there's another car behind us. The police man yell and said stop there and go to the other lane. We were like what? and I told my husband please stop....

We were there waiting for the cop to come and tell us if what we have done wrong or if we violate any traffic signs or rules on the street. Then my husband told me not to unbuckle my seatbelt and just to stay put. Finally the police came and asked my husband if he can see his driver's license and then his car insurance. Thank goodness he has everything on his comparment as he usually leave his car insurance card at home.

The police told him, did you know why I stopped you? And my husband said, I am sorry Sir I really have no idea why you stopped us. Then the police said, your supposed to completely stopped or slow down when you see that there are police car on the street or you can switched lane because you might runned me over while I am talking to the other person on the car that we stop ahead of you.

The police officer told us that he will be back, and I was telling my husband I hope he will not give us a ticket you know. He came back in a little while and told us that next time if we see anything like that again, all we have to do is switched lane. My husband was like I am really sorry Sir, I will remember that for next time, and we left after that.

Lesson learned, we must obey all traffic laws.

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