Thursday, October 23, 2008

Ways on Keeping Yourself On The Payroll List

We all know that our economy is not good right now. A lot of business establishments are closing down. That means a lot of people will be out of work. Here are the tips on how to make yourself outshine everyone if you want to keep your job and stay on your current employer and continue to enjoy your salary.

1. Dress well- It’s true: You are what you wear. So, if you look sloppy or unprofessional, your manager will think that’s how you approach everything.

2. Put a cap on complaining- Think about it, if you had to cut staff, who would you keep? The complainer - or the person who makes other people in the office feel good? Office morale is something that can’t be faked. So make sure you do your part to keep spirits high.

3. Go on a news diet while you're at work- Every time we hear about an event, our brain reacts as if it’s new information. So it’s no surprise that listening to the same bad news on three different stations makes you uneasy - your brain thinks it’s happened three times! You don’t want to project an uneasy attitude at work. So don’t overdo it when reading the headlines.

4. If you start to hear lay-off rumors, tell your boss why you want to stay. After a downsizing happens, the people who are left have to take on more work to make up for the reduced staff. So, tell your manager that you’ll be happy to put in extra effort whenever needed - because you enjoy what you do.

So instead of worrying your job, make yourself busy and useful at work rather than thinking of losing it. The more you worry about getting laid-off the more you are less useful at work. Always have a positive attitude about everything.

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